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In the far 2007 nobody can even imagine that Ukraine will take part in the most favorite and honored championship in the Europe. But the most delirious dreams are tend to become true last time. And everything changed. Everything had found velocity, everything became alive. I want to tell you a short story about my native city and about his road to Euro 2012.

Article is aimed primarily at people who have no idea what Ukraine is and what rules local society. I’ll try to describe the main news of life in Kharkov and how not to get lost here. How to spend time completely useful and fun. If your country’s team plays in Kharkiv or for any other reason you want to visit our wonderful city next summer then this article is for you.

Deliberately I would not go over the back door, describing corruption scandals and cases of money laundering in sports facilities, because potential tourists are likely not interested in all of this. And in fact we can say that the country and Kharkiv in particular are ready to the Euro and all gonna pass on the decent level.

!All the photos and videos of the objects can be viewed on “Euro 2012” the appropriate page!


1. How to reach us?

The road.
If you want to get to us by car I can say at once – this is an extreme idea. I have no information about what will be necessary the next summer to enter the territory of Ukraine, but till you reach Kharkov you have to travel all over the country. This means that you are sure to enjoy the destroyed roads of Transcarpathia. I do not know in what condition are they at present, but a couple of years ago they were terrible. Short and narrow travel between the cities of regional importance, excessive number of villages will give you an unforgettable experience. In the central part of Ukraine the situation is slightly better. The road from Zhytomyr to Kyiv is made on the conscience. Kiev itself feels better than rest of Ukraine but although far from ideal and it is.
Next, we all need to pray that the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv should be completed. Riding the old one mostly tempers the spirit rather than gives a pleasure.
The situation with roads has greatly improved Kharkov. This year was a complete reconstruction of the ring road. In the city center, the roads are made good. But any comments ought have to say after this winter, which will be a big test for the roads. On the outskirts of the city everything remained in their original condition – cracked canvas, ditches, mounds, – you will not fall asleep while driving;)

The site gives us material from a report by the city authorities about the plans of reconstruction of the roads, “227 million 951 thousand UAH city officials plan to spend in this year for road repairs. And 99.5 million of them – is the amount that City Hall is going to get through the municipal loan or bank loan.

In the queue for repairs this year are two dozen of streets. Some authorities continue to repair, some of them will begin, and some are going to build from scratch. The latter include a pedestrian sidewalk on the Zheleznyakov street for 70 thousand hryvnas and pedestrian bridge across the river from Netechenskaya waterfront street to the Bath lane ( 4.5 million required, this year will spend 4.1 million).

For the reconstruction of Prospect Gagarina, announced by the mayor, this year they want to spend 35 million upgrade of highways, officials estimated would cost $ 60 million. The money for the continued construction of single-level transport interchange at the intersection of Prospect Street with Derzhavin were subscribed separately – UAH 7.960 million this year from almost 12 required.

Road repairs are continued in Saltovka. Prospect of the 50th anniversary of the USSR will reconstruct from the Heroes of Stalingrad Ave to Ave Moscow (13 million this year from the 23 required), another 23 million allocated for the reconstruction of transport infrastructure on the Avenue of the 50th anniversary of the USSR.

Continue work on the streets near the stadium “Metalist” – Derzhavin, Khramov, Vlasov-Lane (cost – 5 and 7.5 million respectively for the year). “And so on. And what do we have? Apparently, it will be great work and till the summer most of the city will get a good road.

The airport.
If you decide to fly to us with a direct flight, then I am proud to write about our new airport. A little straight talk. Paul Kozachenko, the correspondent of “Kharkiv Watch”, writes:” The opening of a new runway marks the end of three years of large-scale construction work on the reconstruction of one of the major transport infrastructure in Slobozhanshina. Previously been commissioned station square and a new passenger terminal (both – summer 2010), as well as VIP-housing and temporary terminal (both – Fall 2011).

Construction of the runway began in August 2009. Funding is 100 percent implemented at the state budget. Length of the new runway is 2,500 m, which allows it to accept heavy aircraft, Boeing and Airbus. This means that now there are no technical obstacles in order to make from Kharkov direct flights on routes thro ‘the medium-range. ” Well, that’s very good!

Also do not forget about our railroad which has a very wide possibilities of transport. You can combine flights and travel by rail and bus travel.

2. Where to live?

This is the question that might ask any tourist.

If you have arrived in Kharkov not for one day and do not going to party pad night-or-two on the bench, you need a hotel. Until 2011, Kharkov, there was just one 5-star hotel. But now the construction of hotels rapidly intensified. Here’s what IOC director of “Euro-2012 Ukraine” Markiyan Lubkivsky said about the number of required accommodation in Kharkov: “The city is preparing yet to toss-up ceremony. However, situation has changed after it. When we had acknowledged about the teams to arrive in Kharkiv and the number of fans that they brought with them. It’s a different situation. Therefore, in the near future will hold meetings in all towns, “- said Lubkivsky.
According to him, during the meeting will discuss issues that may arise in connection to specific matches.
“For example, the Netherlands-Denmark match in Kharkiv, and everything associated with it. If we talk about the number of rooms, then Kharkov almost meets the requirements of UEFA, although a shortage of five-star rooms. Therefore, before the city have to complete the preparation of those hotels that are currently still under construction ”
Also recently opened a second 5-star hotel in Kharkiv – «Superior Hotel»: «It is a 15 minute drive from the historic center of Kharkov in the Superior Golf & SPA Resort. Superior Hotel – Hotel official Euro 2012 built on the program of public-private partnership. This hotel will be part of a training base, which will consist of «Superior Hotel» Stadium and the “Olympic”, which remains under construction for Euro 2012. ”
I recall that the first «Kharkiv Palace» was which also just recently opened.

Apartments for rent.
If you are interested to stay in Kharkov for a longer period, you can rent an apartment for a while. Plus, our country has a very poorly established legal framework for the delivery of flats. This means that you can verbally agree with the owner and pay him the value without contracts. Of course no service but what to do? Extreme tourism:)

Where to look for real estate? The downside is that all the sites by the following subject are Russian-speaking. The most adequate resource for this business is probably our forum of Kharkov . You can also search ads on the newspaper “Prime”: ;. In addition, you can try your luck, for example to find someone via «Skype» or ICQ:) adventurous, but nevertheless… As in our country a lot of issues resolved themselves, you will need to communicate with people and get advice directly from them.

But when you reach Kharkov you will not get lost because …

3. Who will follow?

In Ukraine will be organized volunteer service. This is not just a joke, it would be a serious organization. All the young people had been informed about the possible introduction, rules and selection. I would also participated, but it is very likely that during the Euro 2012 will be serving in the army.

“It is planned that the championship in Kharkiv will serve 500 volunteers. In addition, about one hundred people will be held in reserve … “read in a publication. But where they will be placed and how they can be recognized was not mentioned.

4. Sports facilities.

Kharkov has always been famous for its football history. As for our team (first “Vanguard”, which later was called “Metalist”) has never been among the leaders but it kept steadily middle-table. Hard times came with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and when the team and the infrastructure were left without support. For ten years the stadium has become almost an old Colliseum. It was impossible to look without fear on it: all cracked, rusted, took a repulsive dull appearance. One of the stands in general for a long time did not take the fans. As well, a couple of years ago, DCH headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky bought the stadium and began to direct order there. This year the work was completed on landscaping adjacent to the stadium: removing illegal markets, established children’s football school and there is hope that soon will be the new Kharkov athletic talent, nurtured in our local school, rather than purchased.

The base team “Metalist” is in the village High, near Kharkov. In 2009 it was completely reconstructed field, and at this time cottages to stay sports are building.

At the Kharkovian site can find the information: “The construction of the second stage of the base of Kharkiv FC “Metalist “in the village of High, which is preparing to take one of the European teams during Euro 2012.
The second stage is designed for 33 rooms. Results based on “Metalist” after construction will be 90 rooms.
This was announced during a press tour of the facilities of Euro 2012 in Kharkov.
The second phase will consist of individual cottages and two smaller buildings.
According to Director of the IOC Euro-2012 Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky, this base is very popular among Europeans. Feature of the database is that it is self-sufficient – the team can not only train but also to live. In contrast to the base of the stadium “Olympic” or “Dynamo”.
The ‘Olympic’ which had just remembered – it’s base in the area Pyatihatki. It turns out that there was an old stadium, which is now reconstructed. According to official data for reconstruction allocated about 12 million hryvnas. Engaged in the reconstruction fund Yuri Sapronov. But, frankly saying, never heard of this stadium:)
One of the oldest stadiums in the city – “Dynamo” located in the center in Gorky Park. A couple of years ago the stadium had more or less normal condition. We will try to put photos of his present position.

On the other sports facilities will not write. Yes, in our city enough of them, but they are unlikely to be involved. In any case, try to talk about them on the page devoted to this subject separately.

5. What should I avoid?

I hasten to please all about the crime situation in Kharkiv. There is no tension here. And generally, in Ukraine for a long time our city received the name «Cop-city». We have the largest percentage of police officers per capita in Ukraine, the most famous school of militia. Obviously, the security of the Euro as the general civilian security during the mundial will be provided at 100%.

Yet, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the East Slavic psychology and behavior. It is with great regret I must admit that inadequate morons in our city (especially in our city) are plenty and to keep up with everybody police is out of resource. Therefore we should observe a few simple rules:

– Take a walk around the city by day and see where the greatest concentration of low places, snack bars, etc. Try not to appear there in the dark;

– In public transport, do not give you as not local. Just give the money and get the change. Do not take a lot of money if you use public transport. Protect documents. The fact is that perhaps some of the thieves will come from other cities to “tour”. Pickpockets in public transport and car thieves – the most common type of villains in Ukraine;

– It is better not to show up on remote areas of the city. Although this is an excessive caution. During the day there is always something to see, make pictures and so on. I’m just saying about the much higher depression in these areas.

6. Bonuses.

Even the Kharkovian restaurants preparing to receive guests from Europe. Here are specially invited coaches from Germany for this purpose: “Experience with the staff restaurant and hotel Kharkov, as well as specialized universities with students divided trainer to improve the skills of the German Hanne Dittmer. The workshop participants were taught to restaurant service. Not just basic things but the main European trends. In particular, the coach told me that in Europe again became fashionable cliches, which creates a feeling of surprise guest. As students and workers have learned the restaurant business the right Serving and basic rules of serving dishes.

“Our training is primarily aimed at the practice. The waiter can not learn to serve a customer sitting in a classroom, it is possible only in the restaurant. The basic principles can be communicated to the theoretical classes, but the practice is very important. I arrived in Kiev to talk about fashion trends restaurant in Europe. I want to make a contribution to the image of Ukraine in this field has increased. A good waiter should not only have impeccable professional knowledge, but also to love our guests to be friendly. The waiter should not be a servant, “- said Hanne Dittmer.”

Championship in many ways changed our lives. A lot of positive things I see that a lot of people coming from different European countries. This is a moment of contact of different cultures, and it is very important for our country: the intellectual and civilized, but still, a lot of time living virtually in isolation from Europe.How do you think, would society in which virtually every one thought about emigrating to Europe, where most laws are not working, where the government consists of generally ignorant and low-cultured people will be glad you have come at? Definitely yes! It’s not just communication, it is the elimination of barriers between nations. We are like medieval Germany, where he appreciated all the French, Italian, British, with their same people do not respect each other, believing that somewhere better, but they are none. Fear and reverence for others – the main complex in our society. I want to express my gratitude to all who ventured to give a championship to so unhappy country. You have made a bit of happiness in the heart of every caring person! I am confident that the championship will be a crucial step in the rebirth of Ukraine. We sincerely invite you to share with us this exciting celebration!

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